HEALTH BENEFITS of AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga

Zero-Compression Inversions! Top of the list!  Inversions of most any sort work for me. But Zero Compression Inversions... freaky awesome!  When you perform a zero-compression inversion in a Christopher Harrison AntiGravity Hammock you apply reverse traction to the spine, allowing the vertebral disks to hydrate with synovial fluid, lubricating the joints, elongating the spine, allowing the nervous system to work better, refreshing all the fluid systems of the body, releasing toxins in the body (and brain, if you choose,) and releasing some happy hormones and endorphins... 

So, Zero-Compression Inversions = a more peaceful, happier, taller you! That’s freaky awesome in my book.  (...the “taller” part is not cumulative. you’ll have to come back for more...)

See you in AntiGravity® fitness and Yoga class soon.