Welcome to the world of bellicon© rebounding!

What is bellicon? Think, the TESLA of mini trampolines.
Check out the bellicon website.

I was so impressed by bellicon that I've become a master instructor for this amazing product.

Between AntiGravity Fitness and bellicon USA (and a few other tricks up my sleeve,) I think we all have an excellent shot at keeping our joints healthy, our attitudes positive, whether you are training for the Olympics, professional dance, or simply wanting to be healthy at any age!

Here is a fun tidbit about bellicon rebounding:

Rebounding on a trampoline provides a low-impact, high calorie-burning cardiovascular workout that's easier on your joints than high-impact activities like jogging and step aerobics. It can also help strengthen your legs. Through regular rebounding, along with a healthy diet, you may be able to lose a small amount of weight within just a few weeks. As with all forms of exercise, rebounding takes months to produce major weight loss results.

The good news is … even a short workout on a bellicon mini-trampoline can produce amazing results! According to Professor of Movement Science Victor L. Katch, a person weighing 135 pounds can burn 75 calories by rebounding for 12 minutes. Should you weigh 160 pounds, you’ll lose 86 calories in the same 12 minutes.

This compares to burning 102 calories for 12 minutes of high-impact aerobics and 55 calories for walking at a brisk, 3.5 miles per hour pace…but, no comparison when we bring fun and enjoyment into the equation.
Check out this great and short workout from Daisy, a bellicon Academy trained instructor at Bliss Body in New Orleans.

So, let's get to work and have fun doing so!

 Bounce Soft. Feel good.  bellicon

Bounce Soft. Feel good.  bellicon

Freedom to GIVE... From Our Abundance.

Giving More Than Taking

Recently, I had the privilege of teaching at the AntiGravity® Advanced Training Institute  in the jungle mountains just up and outside of in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The Rainforest is referred to as the “Lungs of The World.”  I will attest, this is highly accurate.

This most vibrant ecosystem seemed to breath life into my physiology as well as my psyche. 

A Canadian friend, who now resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand, shared his beautiful observation, which I share with you:

“The jungle gives way more than it takes.”

How wonderful if we all were to live this way...

Jungle gives and continuously blooms from it's abundance; abundance of rain, fertile soil, growth-inspired global coordinates. In fact, if you have a chance to have a garden there, it's not "if" you will be successful, rather if you will be able to keep things from over-growing. (That's another discussion for another time.)

I believe the Creator intended you to live just as vibrantly as the Rain Forest does. There are always ways to partner with Him in our life-force.  Its our choice to take responsibility for ourselves;  to eat & drink intelligently, work & workout with wisdom and discipline, rest well  and, perhaps most importantly, speak life over yourselves and others. I truly believe the words we speak & think over ourselves effects our cellular level right out into the atmosphere. The vibrancy of the the Rain Forest begins at the cellular level and pours forth. I chose to get caught in the wave and experience the kisses from Heaven over my skin, all the way through There is vibrancy of life in you to bring more life to you and your world. 

What 3 things are you going to do this week to advance your life-giving force so that you can give more than you take from the world and those around you? 

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Yes, I played "Elektra" on the 90's show American Gladiators... Really... ha!

This photo was taken by Rachel Running (FREAKY AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!)


There were other photos take which I'm sure you can access online which are not so wonderfully artistic....

There is a wonderful story as to how this all came about, but you'll have to come FLY with me to hear it!

Elektra youtube access (sure to put a smile on your face!)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk0WXU6Qyho




 Photo By Rachel Running; Salina as "Elektra" from American Gladiator TV show.

Photo By Rachel Running; Salina as "Elektra" from American Gladiator TV show.

Why "Catalyst" for Salina's new website?

New season.    New direction.   New intention.

Verve Chic is now presenting    


An Artistic Athletic Company -   Featuring AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga


"Catalyst"   ˈkatl-ist/       noun

1.  a person or event that quickly causes change or action

2.  an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

3.  something which incites activity



I am a CATALYST- to help get you started moving again in new directions, open up possibilities, open up the body without pounding it, open up the mind and spirit in harmony with the body.

I bring a unity - fusion - synthesis of Art & Athletics to my clients...  It is true that I have catered to celebrities and professional athletes.  Venturing forward,  I desire to raise the bar for everyone, empowering you to be your best.

Breath. Smile. Speak Life to your body and your world.... I dare you!


HEALTH BENEFITS of AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga

Zero-Compression Inversions! Top of the list!  Inversions of most any sort work for me. But Zero Compression Inversions... freaky awesome!  When you perform a zero-compression inversion in a Christopher Harrison AntiGravity Hammock you apply reverse traction to the spine, allowing the vertebral disks to hydrate with synovial fluid, lubricating the joints, elongating the spine, allowing the nervous system to work better, refreshing all the fluid systems of the body, releasing toxins in the body (and brain, if you choose,) and releasing some happy hormones and endorphins... 

So, Zero-Compression Inversions = a more peaceful, happier, taller you! That’s freaky awesome in my book.  (...the “taller” part is not cumulative. you’ll have to come back for more...)

See you in AntiGravity® fitness and Yoga class soon.


AntiGravity Fitness and Yoga

What I love about AntiGravity® 


Almost 20 years ago, I was handed a bit of a death sentence from various doctors telling me that I would need to have both knees replaced as soon as possible.  I was 30 years old. I decided to think about that idea.  Two years later, while working with Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity Performance Company, employing  the Harrison Hammock for it's first rehearsal and performance, I found a "miracle medicine."   The little company warm-up we devised, the first learning curve to begin my journey as an aerial choreographer and performer with the countless years of dance, gymnastics and various other athletics behind me, literally brought new life to all my joints and my psyche the morning of our second rehearsal.  (The day of the first rehearsal was a bit of torture, but I digress...)