HEALTH BENEFITS of AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga

Zero Compression Inversions... freaky awesome!  When you perform a zero-compression inversion in a Harrison AntiGravity Hammock you apply reverse traction to the spine, allowing the vertebral disks to hydrate with synovial fluid, lubricating the joints, elongating the spine, allowing the nervous system to work better, refreshing all the fluid systems of the body, releasing toxins in the body (and brain, if you choose,) and releasing some happy hormones and endorphins... 

All this to say, zero-compression inversions give you a more peaceful, happier, taller you! That’s freaky awesome in my book.  (...the “taller” part is not cumulative. you’ll have to come back for more...)

Salina  has been working with Christopher Harrison for over 20 years both with AntiGravity Performance and AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga. Come learn with a master.

Here are just a few clients thoughts...

My instructor training for AntiGravity Restorative Yoga with Salina vastly improved my all of my classes. My Fundamentals students could tell I had more confidence, better cueing, and a few “Salina Specials” to help keep my class moving in a more effective manner. The private training also allowed me to focus on the part I was struggling with the most; teaching how to nurture and restore the body. Salina taught me how to tune
into slowing down and guiding my students to calmness so they can achieve the restoration their body needs. I would highly recommend taking a private training from Salina if you are looking to go beyond the content of class and learn how to be that instructor who understands what their students need and provide classes which improve their life in a physical, emotional, and spiritual manner. I continue to pull inspiration from my training even months later.
— Rebecca McMurry, Ireland Professional Aerialist performer for Cirque Du Soleil, Las Vegas
I’ve just taken an extraordinary teacher training with Salina and I can’t wait to do next one. Salina is an amazing teacher with infinitive knowledge about AntiGravity. She’s inspiring and she’s got wonderful energy. She will perfectly prepare you to become an AntiGravity instructor. You will learn everything you need to run your own class in a safe way. The training was fabulous, very complete, clear and funny. Salina, you are a gorgeous Master Instructor and Person! I learned so much from you. Putting me in all these situations with examples of “difficult student”, really gave me confidence. Thank you for everything!!! You are THE BEST Instructor that I’ve ever met! It was an honor to learn from you…
— Bisous Agnieszka, Level 4 AntiGravity Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Owner of Galaxy Pilates, Las Vegas, NV
I am so grateful that I was able to be trained by Salina. She made the atmosphere really enjoyable to learn while keeping safety the top priority. Salina explains the movements in terms easy to understand and you feel comfortable trying new things. I look forward to extending my training with her in the future.
— Samantha Sycz AntiGravity Instructor, Synergy Sports Massage, Business Manager (outside fitness business), Berea, Ohio
Salina is not only an incredible spirit who will open you up to learning; she will make sure that you have all the tools that you need to be a success! While training for my fundamentals one and two, and AntiGravity yoga one, I was lucky enough to have Salina as my master instructor. As she has been part of the AntiGravity movement since the very beginning, her AntiGravity knowledge is second to none (well, except maybe to Christopher himself!). It is because of Salina that I have a solid belief in the benefits of AntiGravity and that I, one day, want to become a master instructor myself...hopefully lead by Salina. I would recommend anyone interested in AntiGravity training to seek out the experience and knowledge of Salina. A wonderful woman and beautiful teacher.
— ~Becca
 Photo taken by Tegan Andrews at BajaBody

Photo taken by Tegan Andrews at BajaBody